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The values of outdoor advertising LED screen

Mar 21, 2020

With the development of technology, the types of outdoor advertising also show a trend of diversification. In the era of information explosion, audience attention has gradually become scarce resources pursued by major advertisers. Outdoor advertising LED screen with its unique advantages and values occupy a place in the field of outdoor advertising. 

outdoor LED advertising screen


1. Marketing value

Most of the outdoor advertising LED screen will be used in the city's core landmark buildings, CBD core business districts, urban core transportation arteries, or other places with heavy traffic and large population, such as subways and terminals. Outdoor advertising LED screen, with its geographical advantage, can gather the attention of many audiences, which undoubtedly means higher marketing value.


2. Creative space value

LED screens can combine videos, pictures, text messages, etc. to create a rich visual effect. The ingenious fusion of excellent display effect and large-screen LED technology brings out unlimited creative space.


3. Cost saving value

Compared with traditional advertising billboard, LED screen ended up having to hire personnel for the installation and removal of paper posters. With it, the contents can be programmed and managed remotely from any device with an Internet connection. Likewise, the energy expenditure of the LED is significantly lower than that of conventional luminous signs, which translates into a substantial reduction in the electricity bill.

Outdoor advertising LED screen can create unlimited value for companies with its unique advantages.